Meet Zoya-Sofia

Assistant Teacher 2

She has worked with me since she was 15 years old. She graduated from Gresham High School in 2020. She is a step 4 on the Oregon Registry and is working toward increasing her step in the professional development registry. She loves working babies and toddlers, her main role is teacher to the younger kiddos. Zoya-Sofia is licensed to be my sub and is in charge if Becky is off work.

She typically works 7:30am-Close and is first off early at 3pm on M & W for personal appointments.

Meet Becky

Provider and Head Teacher

I have worked in childcare almost 20 years. I have a BA in Early Ed and a step 10 at ORO. Teaching preschool age children learning is her passion. I love doing cooking, art, science and sensory with children. I help children learn to be independent and ready for Kindergarten. Becky typically works Open-3:30PM T, Th & Fri. She works open to close on M & W when Zoya is off early.

Meet David

Emergency Sub & Maintenance

He is our right hand man on our team. David has a AA Degree and is a Step 8 at ORO, he has a FT career, but he is approved to be an emergency sub. He works 5 am-3:30 daily at Mutual Materials, so if you  see him around its in the late afternoons.

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​​​​Meet Monica  

Assistant 1 

She has grown up in childcare and has observed and experienced this lifestyle since she was a baby! She started working for me officially since she turned 15. She works as a teacher's helper everyday before and after school sanitizing toys and furniture. She is a Junior at Gresham High School. While saving up for college, she works around her school schedule. Because Moni is a minor she is not left alone with children. She is a great helper. She typically works 2:45pm-Close and all day on no school days 

Call Becky today at 503-349-4262