Meet Natasha

Infant Teacher 

Natasha works at the Infant location.  She is a Step 5 on ORO. She has been working with us October 2016. She is the baby whisper. She is impressive!

Meet Kaitlyn

Assistant 1 & Sanitizer 

She works at the infant and toddler school everyday after school sanitizing toys and furniture. She is in training to be an Assistant 2 when she turns 18.

ORO= Oregon Registry through PSU

Head Teacher is Step 7 or higher at ORO

Lead Assistant are Step 5 or 6 at ORO

Assistant 2 are Step 3 or 4 at ORO

Assistant 1 Step 1 or 2 at ORO

Assistant 1/Sanitizer are under 18 years old and not left on the premise with children.

Sanitizer is not counted in ratio with children, and are an extra set of hands. 

Meet Monica  


She works as a teacher's helper everyday after school sanitizing toys and furniture. When she turned 13 in August 2017 she joined our team and enjoys playing with kiddos.  

Meet Cady

Toddler Teacher 

She works at the Infant and Toddler Program. She is a Step 5 at ORO and she started working with us when she was 15 in March of 2013 to 2016 and came back to work in 2017. Plus Cady was one of our 1st daycare kids from age 5 to 13. She starts school winter term at MHCC.

Meet Mikayla

Head Preschool Teacher

Mikayla has grown up in the daycare environment. She is a student at EOU studying Early Ed and she is a Step 7 on ORO.  She has been working with us since she was 15 years old in April 2015.

Meet Chelsea

Head Infant & Toddler Teacher

Chelsea is our head teacher at the infant and toddler school and is a Step 7 on ORO. She primarily cares for the toddler age children. She creates the monthly themes and her primary focus is language development and socialization with the infants and toddlers. She started with us in November 2015. She just had her 2nd child in January 2018.

Meet David

Provider at the Infant and Toddler Program.

He is our right hand man. He helps rock babies, wash hands, clean up, cooking and maintains the grounds. David has a AA Degree and is a Step 8 at ORO.

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Meet Sarai

Lead Preschool Teacher 

Sarai works at the Preschool and comes to us with lots of experience working as an assistant director from the YMCA. She joined our team in November 2017 and is a Step 5 on ORO. She is a student and is working towards her ECE degree.

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Meet Desiree

Preschool  & Toddler Assistant 

Desi is trained to work at both locations.  She is a Step 4 on the ORO. She started with us in June 2016. She is also at student at MHCC.