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          Amazing Minds Learning Center


We Accept DHS EDRC, JOBS & Military Subsides

2018-19 Rates

We are Currently Enrolling

12 months-3 years

Our rates are all inclusive including diapers, wipes, formula,

organic homemade baby food and meals.

$1150 monthly for 5 days

$950 monthly for 4 Full days

$750 for 3 Full Days and share a slot with another schedule.

We have 2 openings now in the Fall 2018 ages 12 months to 3 years.

Our young infants under 6 months are full and on a waiting list at this time.

1 Ft Mon-Fri & 1 PT 3 days a week

Our Preschool is full 2018-19 with a waiting list call to add your name.

Infant reservations, We require $500 deposit to hold spots of newborns/infant or entering at a later date agreed upon. You will receive $500 credit on your first month of care as long as you start as agreed. I do not reserve more than 60 days in advance unless you want to pay a $500 non-refundable enrollment fee & $500 deposit you get towards your first month.


Over 10 hours is $10 per hour per day, Late fees are $5 for every 15 minutes late past your contracted pick up time.