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We Accept DHS EDRC, JOBS Program & Preschool Promise

Infant slots 12 weeks to 12 months 

Our Infant rates are all inclusive including

Kirkland diapers, wipes, Kirkland formula,

organic homemade baby food, & healthy meals.

$1250 monthly for 5 days & $1100 for 4 days 

Infant slots under 8 months are reserved for enrolled growing families and staff children or returning growing families already established in our program.

Toddler slots 12 months-3.5 years

Our Toddler rates include potty training with pull-ups included, healthy meals & our own Creative Curriculum Toddler Time activities and Learning Though Play preparing for Preschool.

$1150 for 5 days & $1000 for 4 days & $850 for 3 days 

Preschool 212th St. Location

3.5 years-5 years

Our Preschool rates include a full day program of with healthy meals, our own Creative Curriculum structured educational Learning Through Play &  Social-emotional training preparing for Kindergarten.

$1050 for 5 days a week for 4 days $900 

School-ager 6 years-12 years

We accept School age for North Gresham that rides the bus to the stop in front of the preschool before and after school. We will transport PM only if, we have room in our program from Davis & Alder.

Full-time Summer rates $750 and PT Before & After school $565 or 65 hours/monthly minimum on DHS. 

Evening Program

212th St Location for children

18 months or older +

Payment required in advance of service.

slots $6.25 per hour & 4 hour daily minimum

We have 12 (1/2 day) contracted Preschool Promise slots for low income families

Here is the income chart. Call to see if your family qualifies.