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Childcare & Preschool

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We Accept DHS ERDC, JOBS Program & Military Subsidy 

Preschool Rates 

Monthly Tuition

Due the 1st day of the month or 

1/2 on the 1st & 1/2 on the 15th

Tuition is paid before care is provided, If your family needs weekly tuition payments we will accept payment 

on Friday's at pick up for the next week or Monday morning at drop off for that week of care. 

Toddlers Under 3 & or not potty trained

FT $1240 for 4-5 days, or PT 3 days or less than 20 hours weekly $940 a month

 3 to 5 years & potty trained 

FT $112o for 4-5 days, or PT 3 days or less than 20 hours $800 a month

Our Preschool rates include a full day program of with healthy meals, our own Creative Curriculum

structured educational learning through play & social-emotional training preparing for Kindergarten.

Unfortunately we can not provide drop in care or 1-2 day a week care,

it is too stressful on children and their caregivers and takes children a long time to

adjust to busy pre-k environment.