Here at Amazing Minds we strive to go above and beyond to provide quality customer service for our families and to provide the highest quality care for your children. Our #1 goal is to assist parents in getting their child the skills they need, such as socializing with others, being self sufficient, being able to self regulate, and building self esteem. I believe in balance of learning through play and communication as well as academic learning letters, numbers and cognitive learning. We believe in learning outdoors and go outside daily rain or shine. It is most important that children can learn to advocate and communicate their own needs

and learn to get along with others. All of these skills will ensure your child is ready for a successful

Kindergarten experience. Together we are a team getting your child ready for the next steps and

tackle the tough steps and challenges together as well. 

Amazing Minds By Goodman Family Childcare LLC

Becky Goodman



Amazing Minds 

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