Now Hiring $12.50-13.50 per hour
                          Depending on your experience and ORO Steps you have at PSU.

Current Job opening April 2019. Must be 18 years or older and love working with kids. We are currently seeking a Infant and Toddler Assistant that can float and work as a sub at the preschool as needed. Must have experience working with multiply infants and love to clean. This position requires team work with co-workers and excellent customer service experience. The hours are 20-30 hours dependent on full enrollment and typically works 12/2pm-5:30pm Monday-through Friday, and perfect for a college student.

Whether you work for me or any other childcare facility you need a complete, Oregon background check. It is only $50 and you need it prior to be considered for a position here.

 Email me with your resume and proof of background check to

Here is the link to Oregon's website for the online application.

Here at Amazing Minds Learning Center, we strive to go above and beyond to provide quality customer service for our families and to provide the highest quality care for your children. Our #1 goal is to assist parents in getting their child the skills they need, such as socializing with others, being self sufficient, being able to self regulate, and building self esteem. All of these skills will ensure your child is ready for a successful Kindergarten experience.

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