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Infant and Toddler Program


Monday through Friday

214th & Burnside 

12 months -3.5 years old welcome.

Awarded Star 4

at the Oregon's Spark/QRIS

The average infant enrollment range that enters our program are 12 months-18 months                      after a parent, grandparent or family friend gives them amazing 1:1 attention and                         

when parents are comfortable joining a learning environment to mobilize &

socialize their babies our program is the perfect choice.

     The Infant and Toddler location specializes in rich language and social emotional                    curriculum to prepare your child to enter preschool. Our curriculum provides a engaging                    hands-on learning environment to explore in social skills, music, art, language, literacy,                    dramatic play, outdoor play, sensory, and much more.

     Our program provides all-inclusive benefits which include a wonderful homemade menu with          fresh fruits and vegetables, formula, disposable diapers, wipes, etc.

     We proudly support breast feeding, with either scheduled nursing visits or you providing              pumped breast milk to be feed to your baby. We are sorry, but we do not allow cloth diapers.

     Our staff is highly trained with a minimum of 30 hours in specialized

infant and toddler care classes. Our shift leaders have 50 hours plus in specialized training. 

     When openings at our preschool are available, children who are at least 3.5 and potty        trained years old will be offered the opportunity to transfer programs from our toddler house                   to our preschool house throughout the year as openings come available. Slots are offered                       to the next child socially and emotional ready for a busy preschool schedule.  

I am sorry we not enrolling children under 12 months at this time. These slots are reserved for our pregnant moms currently enrolled in our program and staffs children.

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