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Our Curriculum

     We use Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care Environments. We also use the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment Tools to monitor the children's developments and to make ongoing goals for them in the classroom. We believe in a balance of social-emotional and academic curriculum. Our goal is to assist you in getting your child ready for a successful Kindergarten experience.

     We teach the phonics of letters not just learning to say them. We believe learning the phonics

and the letters together helps children to read easier when they are ready.  We also believe in

learning through play. Children learn from each other by role playing and dramatic play. We work with children to problem solve and to learn to get along with others. We also work towards sitting and doing art, preschool, and reading books for longer periods of time to help them be ready for Kindergarten.

     Our staff plans and creates the curriculum during rest time daily. Becky makes a list of supplies needed and does the daycare food and supply shopping on Friday afternoons while the staff covers the daycare. 

Staff Training

    We believe that good teachers are lifetime learners. As a team, we believe increasing staff development and bonding is important.  We attend ongoing community training with the Gresham PRO Chapter, on the second Tuesday of every month, as well as attend Child Care Conferences.

      We are also working together actively to increase our Oregon Registry Steps with Career

Development at Portland State University. Steps begin at 1 and end at 12 being a Masters

degree in Education. Becky is currently a Step 10.

Oregon Spark (Quality Rating Improvement System of Child Care Facilities and Providers).

We have been awarded a Star 5, and excited that we are the first Family Childcare

home in Gresham to be awarded.