We are excited to share with the community that, 

starting September 1, 2022 all of our slots are filled by the a new program 

enrollment process through Multnomah County called Preschool for All.


We are currently full, but the County is accepting students on our

waiting list incase a student withdraws. Click the link above to contact Preschool For All by email to request being added to Goodman Family Childcare & Preschool waiting list. 

Multnomah County will be accepting new applications in April 2023 for

enrollment in September 2023 preschool slots. 

please contact the program to see if your family qualifies.

​Our location is on 212th off Burnside and has been operating 

since 2000, and is Gresham's first five star program for Oregon Spark.

Most of our students parents work early morning shifts and our

student arrives between 6:15AM-8:15 AM and are

picked up between 2:30PM-4:00PM

Monday through Friday





Call Becky today at 503-349-4262

Goodman Family Childcare & Preschool 


Becky Goodman



#1 Bachelor's Degree of Science in Early Childhood Education & Development

#2 Star 5 on the Oregon QRIS rating system

#3 Step 10 on Oregon Registry for Career Development.

#4 2022 Immunization ratio of children in care had 100% up to date  with immunization records.